Demolition Services

Total Demolition Of Industrial Furnaces

Based on the glass industry, we are highly specialized in complete demolition of glass furnaces. We run the global dismantling of all elements, metal structure, regenerators, melting chamber, working-end and feeders. We adapt our procedures by the logistical and technical conditions, and specific customer requirements. 


Partial Demolition Of Industrial Furnaces

Partial demolitions resulting from the expressed need to preserve and demolish specific parts of the furnaces. Through the use of vertical and horizontal bracings and metal protection, ensure the structural integrity of the elements. We highlight the rigor and precision essential in this procedure where our methods, enhanced by hundreds of projects, are a guarantee of success. 


Demolition / Repair In Hot Conditions

Inserted in the segment of partial demolition, we have the solution without stop the furnace for demolition of the regenerator Crown and also dismantle / removal of checkers in hot conditions 


Leader in small and large demolitions

Total Demolition


Partial Demolition


Demolition / Repair